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ASTM A105N (SA105N) Carbon Steel Flanges 

Carbon Steel is the primary material of carbon steel flanges and end flange connectors, common standards including ASTM A105N (SA105N), ASTM A350 LF2, ASTM A694, DIN 2533 and MSS SP-44. 
Pressure ratings from class 150 to 2500. 

E Steel supply a wide range of Flange, which can also be a plate or ring to form a rim at the end of a pipe when fastened to the pipe.  


Specifications of the Flanges 

E Steel supply different types and shapes of flanges , including : 
  • Weld Neck Flanges 
  • Slip On Flanges 
  • Socket Weld Flanges 
  • Lap Joint Flanges 
  • Threaded Flanges 
  • Blind Flanges 

Chemical Composition of ASTM A105N Flanges 

Element  ASTM A105N (in %)
0.35 max
Si 0.10 - 0.35
Mn 0.60 - 1.05
P 0.035 max
S 0.040 max
Cu 0.40 max
Ni 0.40 max
Cr 0.30 max
Mo 0.12 max
V 0.08 max
Nb 0.02 max 


Mechanical Properties of ASTM A105N Flanges 

Minimum Tensile Strength : 485MPa or 70,000psi 

Minimum Yield Strength : 250 MPa or 36,000psi 

Reduction of Area (Min) : 30% Min 

Hardness (HB) : 187 Max 


Applications of ASTM A105N Flanges 

Carbon Steel Flanges ASTM A105N Flanges are mainly used in Power Plants , Modern Achitecture , Petroleum Industry , General Purpose Applications , Fabrication Industry , Oil & Gas Industry , Fertilizers , Electronics , Construction , Chemical Industries and Plumbing 

How to Prevent Carbon Steel Flanges from Rusty 

Carbon Steel will get rusty, in order to prevent this case , there are some solutions below : 
  1. Electric Zinc Coated (Either White / Yellow Zinc) 
  2. Anti-Rust Painting 
  3. Oil Varnished 


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