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Stainless Steel SUS904L - Super Stainless Steel in Rolex Watches

In the watch industry, SUS904L Stainless Steel has been recongnized as being a Rolex Thing.  Rolex became the first wristwatch manufacturer to use SUS904L in their watches due to its higher polish and better corrosion resistance than other stainless steel grades.  

SS904L Stainless Steel is mostly used in the high-technology industry such as aerospace and chemical industries.  And SS904L Steels are comparable to previous metals for their anti-corrosion properties and acquire an exceptional sheen once polished. 

What are the differences between Stainless Steel SUS316L and SUS904L ?

Comparision of SUS316L VS SUS904L Stainless Steels 

In watches , stainless steels are used on the steel case and bracelet materials.  Fom the chemical composition , SUS904L Stainless Steel has higher percentage of nickel , chromium and copper.  

Due to the additional of Copper and Extra Molybdenum , SUS904L Stainless Steel has greater corrosion resistance, in sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acids.  In this case, SUS904L performs better than other austenitic stainless steels (300 Series Stainless Steel - SUS304 , SUS316L , etc.) 

* SUS904L is non-magnetic in all conditions and has excellent quality when it comes to these extremely sensitive little machines * 

What was the first Rolex Watch to use Stainless Steel 904L ? 
  • Sea-Dweller 

Stainless Steel Grades that most used in Metal Watches : 

SUS304 Stainless Steel - Usually low end watches 

Stainless Steel SS304 is mostly used in the home and kitchen, and it is the most accessible grade of stainless steel judging by its attributes, which determine by its price and use. 

SUS304 Stainless Steel is widely used due to its low price and also ease of shaping into produtcts.  However Stainless Steel SS304 is sensitve to acids when compared to the other two grades (SUS316L & SUS904L) , so it makes SUS316 Stainless Steel more demanding since it contains higher percentage of chromium, nickel and molybdenum --> better corrosion resistance.  

Stainless Steel SS304 contains more carbon , since it appears to be darker colour. 

SUS316L Stainless Steel - Usually High-End Watches & Watch Bands

Stainless Steel SUS316L is mostly used in making surgical instruments, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industry, marine use.  SUS316L shares the same attributes with SUS316 Stainless Steel , but SUS316L has lower carbon which easier for welding.  

It is also resistance to magnetism, unlike other lower grade stainless steel, hence SUS316L Stainless Steel is also use in making high-end dive watches.

SUS904L Stainless Steel - Usually Luxury Swiss Watches

It is the most expensive material compared to the above two stainless steel grades because of its higher resistance to acids.  

It is harder to process than SUS316L, but it polishes extremely well which gives Luxury Swiss Watches a recognizable look.  

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