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Hastelloy C276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy with an addition of tungsten designed to have excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of severe environments. 

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E Steel supply Hastelloy C276 (Nickel Alloy C276) Round Bars / Rods / Shafts , Hastelloy C276 (Nickel Alloy C276 ) Hexagon Bars , Hastelloy C22 (Nickel Alloy C22) Plates. 


Hastelloy C276 Suppliers - Nickel Alloy C276 , UNS 10276 , DIN 2.4819 

Hastelloy C276 is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy with an addition of tungsten designed to have excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of severe environments. The high nickel and molybdenum contents make the nickel steel alloy especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion in reducing environments while chromium conveys resistance to oxidizing media. The low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation during welding to maintain corrosion resistance in as-welded structures.

This nickel alloy is resistant to the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone, thus making it suitable for most chemical process application in an as welded condition.

Although there are several variations of the Hastelloy nickel alloy, Hastelloy C-276 is by far the most widely used. Alloy C-276 is widely used in the most severe environments such as chemical processing, pollution control, pulp and paper production, industrial and municipal waste treatment, and recovery of sour natural gas.

Chemical Composition of Hastelloy C276 

Element Content (%)
Nickel, Ni 57
Molybdenum, Mo 15-17
Chromium, Cr 14.5-16.5
Iron, Fe 4-7
Tungsten, W 3-4.50
Cobalt, Co  2.50
Manganese, Mn  1
Vanadium, V  0.35
Silicon, Si  0.080
Phosphorous, P  0.025
Carbon, C  0.010
Sulfur, S  0.010

Physical Properties of Nickel Alloy C276 

Density ;  8.89 g/cm³  (0.321 lb/in³) 
Melting Point ; 
1371°C (2500°F) 

Characteristic of Hastelloy C276 

  • This material is one of the few alloys resistant to wet chloride gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions.
  • Alloy C276 has exceptional resistance to strong solutions of oxidizing salts, such as ferric and cupric chlorides.
  • Nickel Alloy UNS N10276  is not prone to grain boundary precipitation in the as welded condition and therefore suitable for many chemical process applications


Applications of Hastelloy C276

- Digesters and bleach plants in the paper industry.
- Components exposed to sour gas.
- Equipment for flue-gas desulfurisation plants.
- Evaporators, heat exchangers, filters and mixers used in sulfuric acid environments.
- Sulfuric acid reactors.
- Organic chloride process equipment.
- Equipment for processes utilizing halide or acid catalysts.


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