Contribution to the World,
Helping Children in-Need and enjoy the right for education

We are a young and very dynamic Global Metal Supply Chain Management company based in Malaysia. Our founder has a great and wide experience in the steel industry where we have supplied the best specifications metal to the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Palm Oil, Aerospace, Medical, etc. industry.

Besides on supplying the right materials to our customers, we believe that by giving back to the community, it is not only help those who need it the most, but also give us a sense of humility and a perspective on the things in life that really matter.

a. E Steel joining the force to fight against cancer by educating, care for and support Malaysians in our collective fight against cancer.

b. The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (Persatuan Kanser Kebangsaan Malaysia, NCSM) is the first non-profit cancer organization in Malaysia that provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer and the general public.


a. E Steel makes contribution to the NKF every year, joining the force to raise the standards of care to the patients with kidney failure and those who are suffering from various kidney-related diseases

b. National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is an NGO, which lead in the promotion and enhancement of kidney health and in the management and treatment of kidney disease

Donate Daily Supplies during Malaysia Lockdown (MCO)

a. Through this Covid-19 Pandemic, we know that there’s a lot of people who needed help. With love, we donated some supplies to the 37 Old Folks Homes in the Klang Valley Area.


a. E STEEL  becomes the Corporate Sponsor of the event, to help more than 200 disadvantaged groups realize their dreams of going home during CNY. This fundraising will use in development of rehabilitation and assistive device center for the disabled to do physiotherapy regularly.

b. DUAL BLESSING BHD was established on 2001 to cater the needs of PwDs and former drug addicts from age 18 and above.  This NGO provides training and services to train and equip PwDs with latest skills for them to pursue job opportunities and independency.


E Steel is the Global Metal Supply Chain Management Company and Expert in supplying the right specifications of metal to the industries. With our expert in the metal supply chain and knowledge of ecommerce , we have supply and export to Fiji Island, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

E Steel is expanding every year due to our increased of market share from different industries and countries. Providing the best match specifications, and shortest lead time are always our main principal.

Our next step is to build an Asia’s top Industrial 4.0 Metal Central Hub with the only supply chain management expertise that customers need, shorten the delivery time of the raw materials that needed for each project.
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