Stainless Steel 420 Ring Supplier , supply to Sarawak

Stainless Steel 420 , SUS420 Ring Supplier , supply to East Malaysia (SARAWAK) 

E Steel Sdn Bhd supply variety of Stainless Steel Grades in Round Bars & Plates.  

Below stainless steel 420 (SS420) supply to Oil & Gas Industries in East Malaysia.   
Offered SUS420 Ring is cut from Round Bar , then wire cut to Ring Shaped (with OD and ID size) + Rough Grinding.  



Characteristic of 420 Grade Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel SUS420 grade is a martensitic, higher carbon version of  SUS410. Available in different variations of carbon content 420 stainless steel is suitable for heat treatment. 420 stainless has a 13% chromium content which gives the specification a level of corrosion resistance properties. British standard grades available are 420S29, 420S37, 420S45.Some other European stainless steel specifications 1.2083 , 1.2316 and 1.4034, both which have a higher carbon content and achieve a good Rockwell hardness when heat treated.

Applications requiring good corrosion resistance and high hardness are ideal for this stainless steel.  

SUS420 can be used in the following ways : 


  • Cutlery 
  • Surgical and dental instruments 
  • Scissors 
  • Tapes and Straight Edges 


To know more about Stainless Steel 420 (SUS420, AISI420) , you may refer to this page :


Published : 21-Feb-2021

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