Stavax ESR , M310 Isoplast , 2083 ESR Suppliers

M310 Isoplast , Stavax ESR , 1.2083 ESR Suppliers Saudi Arabia

E Steel supply and export Plastic Mould Steel / Plastic Mold Steel 1.2083 ESR (also known as Stavax ESR , M310 Isoplast) to Saudi Arabia by Air Freight

These materials are supplied to the Steel Wire Manufacturer in the Saudi Arabia with more than 30years of experience.

M310 Isoplast / 2083 ESR is an advanced martensitic stainless chromium steel for plastic molds.  By electroslag remelting and optimization of the chemical composition , M310 Isoplast / Stavax ESR has very good machinability , dimensional stability and also good polishability. 

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M310 Isoplast , Stavax ESR Chemical Compositions

Carbon , C 0.38%
Silicon , Si 0.70%
Manganese , Mn 0.45%
Chromium , Cr 14.30%
Vanadium , V 0.20%

Applications of Bohler M310 Isoplast , 2083 ESR Plastic Mould Steels :

  • Composition for food processing and animal feed
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Injection Moulding
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Standard Parts such as Moulds , Plates , Pins & Punches

Bohler M310 Isoplast , Stavax ESR Suppliers  

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Published : 9-May-2022

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