Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 Suppliers Hong Kong China

Nickel Aluminium Bronze C63000 Suppliers Hong Kong China 

E Steel is glad to export and supply ALB C63000 Round Bars / Rods / Shafts to China company based in Hong Kong.   The client is the manufacturer of flat flexible cables, flat cables for airbag , etc in China and Hong Kong. 

Aluminium Bronze C63000 is supplied with in ASTM B150-19 C63000 HR50 (High Strength) / AMS 4640H 2018 HR50 specification.  UNS C63000 is a type of copper alloy, which has an excellent corrosion resistance and hot formability features.  

Typical Application for C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze will be :- 

INDUSTRIAL USAGE :  Hydraulic Bushings for Earth Moving Equipment, Corrosion Resistant Articles, Bushings, Bearings, Heat Exchanger Flanges, Heat Exchanger Headers, Tanks, Valve Balls, Structural Members, Pump Shafts, Aircraft Parts, Valve Guides, Plunger Tips, Welded Piping Systems, Balls, Gears, Cams, Pump Parts, Shafting, Condenser Tube for Power Stations and Desalting Units, Valve Seats

MARINE INDUSTRY :  Pump Parts , Bolts & Nuts , Propellers , Ship Propellers 


UNS C63000 Nickel Aluminium Bronze has the following characteristics : 

  • Good Strength and toughness 
  • High resistance to corrosion and erosion 
  • Retention of properties at cryogenic temperatures 
  • Spark Resistance 
  • Good Fabrication and Welding Properties 


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Published : 18-Nov-2021

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